VHM is a symbol of quality awarded by the Department of Veterinary Services to processing plants livestock under Veterinary Inspection and Accreditation Program, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia. VHM indicates that plants had embraced fully Requirements Minimum Standards “Hygiene and Sanitation”, “Quality Assurance and Food Safety” established by VSD and had emphasized on “Food Safety and Quality System” and “Good Manufacturing Practice Programs”.

Plants livestock that have been accredited and awarded the VHM Logo are allowed to print the logo on the label or packaging of products which registered to get customer confidence in product safety and serve as a marketing tool. At the departmental level, the application of veterinary certificates (Veterinary Certificates) by manufacturers to export livestock products can be processed immediately.

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Mindsky ISO Consultant is experienced and provided few useful suggestion for our organization to improve the ISO documentation and procedure. we really like the way Consultant did the consultation. Also she has helped us to developed some department SOPs for us.

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Jared Chen
Top Management, Hi-Tech Recond Auto Part Sdn Bhd

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