Online Training Courses

Training TitleDurations
Course Content
Food Handler training41. Food Hygiene
2. Food Safety
3. Factor for food poisoning
Malaysia Food Labelling8 1. Food Labelling requirement in Malaysia Food Act 1983
2. The products that require food labelling
3. The products exclude form food label
4. The food labelling requirement
5. Information required on food label
6. Label information : Nutrition fact, allergen, GMO food, product claims
7. Labelling inspection and labelling design
Food Preservation Technology61. What is processed food?
2. Why human preserve the food?
3. Preservation technic and technology
4. Salt, sugar, vinegar, alcohol in food preservation
5. Roles of technology in food industry and home maker
6. Drying, canning, smoking, freezing in food preservation
7. Post harvesting control and monitoring
Food Characteristic study61. Vegetable category and control and product developing
2. Meat control and product developing
3. Fruit control and product developing
4. Processed food control and developing
5. Food additive control and developing
Food Hygiene and Cleanliness in food safety41. Personnel hygiene control
2. Machine requirement
3. Cleaning and sanitiation programme
4. Cleaning and sanitation method
5. Cleaning and sanitation chemical requirement
Quality Control in food industries61. System of Quality Control
2. Criteria of Food Quality
Food Act 1983 and Food Regulation 1985, Food Hygiene Regulation 200961. Food Act 1983
2. Food Regulation 1983
3. Food Labelling requirement
4. Food premises requirement
5. Food handler and own responsibility
Food Processing – Fermentation of food61. Fermentation of vegetable – Kimchi, nata , tempeh, soy sauce, soy bean
2. Fermentation of daily product – cheese,
3. Fermentation of beverage – yogurt drink, kaffir drink, kambucha, coffee, cocoa, tea
4. Fermentation of meat – budu, cincalok, fish sauce
5. Fermentation of grain – yeast
Food Processing – food additive61. What is food additive
2. Category of food additive
3. What is the code of food additive
4. Limitation of use
5. Available of the food additive
6. Control of legal requirement
Organic Food61. Organic Food
2. Trend of the market
3. Definition of organic food
4. What is the different of organic food and conversional food?
5. Certification requirement
Food Processing – Sugar and fruit confectionary61. Jam, jelly, spread, kaya, butter developing
2. Cordial product
Food Processing – flour confectionery technology and food powder61. Flour product
2. Food additive product
3. Noodle product
4. Bakery product
5. Seasoning products
6. Sauce product
Food Processing – flour confectionery technology and food powder61. History of GMP
2. Legal requirement
3. Pest control
4. Personnel hygiene control
5. Visitor control
6. Training need
7. Product traceability
8. Product recall
9. Operation control